Prepare Your Aluminum Gutters Ready For Winter

Is your aluminum gutter system prepared for the winter? Is it protected from ice damage? With winter fast approaching, your home needs to be able to withstand freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions. In particular, your aluminum gutter system is susceptible to ice damage and needs to be prepared so it can survive winter, undamaged and intact.

How Ice Can Damage Your Gutter Systems

  • Ice Causes Too Much Pressure on Your Gutters

The weight of ice on your gutters can lead to gutter damage and collapse.

  • Ice Leads to Downspout Blockage

As the winter progresses more and more ice accumulates in your downspouts. This blocks the downspouts and causes a backup of water which leads to leaks and damage to the gutter system.

  • Ice Leads to Fascia and Roof Decking Damage

Ice can grow and expand into the fascia and roof decking. This can lead to the wood rotting and serious problems with your roof.

  • Icicles: Not Always Pretty

Ice buildup also results in icicles that hang from the gutters, pulling them away from the roof.

  • Falling Branches

Ice build-up leads to broken branches which can fall onto your roof and especially onto your gutters causing damage.

  • Ice Dams

If ice is not cleared and allowed to continue to build it eventually becomes an ice dam. These are large slabs of ice that freeze along the roofline. As the slabs meet water seeps under the roofline causing roof damage.

  • Water Damage

As the winter turns into spring, more problems result from water, as the ice and snow melt.

How to Prevent Ice Damage

  • Clean Your Gutters

Before winter arrives, clear your gutters and clean your gutter systems.

  • Remove Hanging Limbs

Any overhanging tree limbs need to be removed that way you don’t have to worry about them falling on your roof!

  • Consider Heating Devices for Your Gutters

Heating your gutter system will solve all your problems regarding ice. During aluminum gutter installation Schaumburg you can also install special heating devices; these will keep the water flowing.

You may not see snow right now, but when you do, it may be too late for your gutters; they may break down and need gutter repair. In such a situation, Optimal Gutters is the team you need to contact in case anything happens with your system. They will help you minimize all problems with your gutters; a vital part of your property.