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Our gutter company is reputable and experienced. We have provided professional, high standard gutter installation services across Illinois and Northern Indiana, for over a decade. Our custom made copper gutters, aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts are of the highest quality. Our aluminum gutters are available in many popular colors, which we can match to complement your exterior.
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Optimal Gutter Installation
Illinois and North Indiana

Our professional gutter installation Chicago & suburbs services involve the installation of copper, or aluminum seamless gutters. These gutters eliminate problems with sagging or leaks within the gutter system. The gutters are custom measured for each individual installation. Seamless gutters are roll formed, which means the only places where they need to be joined are at inside and outside corners and where the downspout outlets are located. The joints are fastened securely and then sealed for stability and to prevent leaks. These gutters are strong and visually appealing due to their continuous nature; the absence of seams means that no leaks can occur.

5 Inch Aluminum Gutters

If you need to replace your gutters and you’re wondering what size you need to get, there is no standard size for residential gutters. A 5 inch gutter system is sufficient for the majority of residential homes. Although it does depend upon where you live and the size and style of your property.

Factors Affecting Gutter Size

Before deciding upon a gutter system, the size and style of house has to be considered as well as the pitch, how many trees are in the given vicinity and other factors that can influence which size and style of gutters can be used.. Gutter sizes and styles can vary and also how many downspouts that will be needed. It is not unusual for us to install seamless 5 inch gutters and seamless “oversized” 6 inch gutters on the same home.

More Rain, More Gutters

An important factor that has to be considered is the amount of rainfall when designing your gutter system. It needs to be able to handle the volume of rainfall therefore a gutter system can vary. A custom solution is not uncommon to meet a home’s gutter needs.
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Optimal Gutters

Copper Gutters Explained

Our professional gutter installers will arrive at your home, with all the equipment they need to install your new gutters. The gutters you have chosen will be custom cut at your property to ensure a perfect match with your specific dimensions. Our skilled gutter contractors will then install your gutters.

Some gutter companies install gutters using nails or Spike and Ferrule hangars, these hangars become loose over time and cause the gutters to sag. Our experienced gutter company uses hidden hangers. These more efficient brackets interlock inside the gutter and are fixed to the house under the shingles. It gives them extreme strength. Hidden hangers are stronger, the gutters can expand and contract and they are more appealing to the exterior.
The final step to your professional gutter installation is our experienced contractors calculating the number of downspouts that are needed. The downspouts are installed in the best position for directing the water away from your property. The amount of downspouts that are needed depends upon the amount of sq ft of home area you have. Our estimate will include the price for the downspouts and their installation.
Installing new gutters is the better economic and effective choice. It takes between 1 and 2 days to complete, professional gutter installation. The seamless gutters will provide your home with an effective gutter system. It will protect your home from water leaks and will also increase the value of your house and give it an attractive appearance. Contact us at Optimal Gutters for more information on gutter repair, replacement or installation.

Components Of A Gutter System

Gutters are an important part of your house, with an essential function. They guide water away from your home and foundation to prevent damage. A gutter system is made up of several parts which include:


Gutters are long shallow troughs, or smaller pieces, connected to the house to collect rainwater. They are available in different materials, sizes, and colors.


Downspouts are vertical pipes connected to the gutters, that carry the water away from the home, and the gutters, to the ground.


These have a crucial function in the gutter system, they connect straight gutters when there are angles, such as at the corners.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards sit like covers or lids over the gutter; they act to prevent anything over water from entering the gutters.

End Caps

End caps are found at the end of gutters, they force the water to take the path down the downspouts to the ground.

Hidden Hangers

There are different ways that gutters can be installed on your house, hidden hangers directly attach the gutter to the fascia, in an attractive manner.