Gutter Guards Installation

A job none of us enjoy is the annual cleaning of the gutters, after a year’s build up of leaves and debris. Even less enjoyable, is a clogged gutter, when you have to scoop all of the offending matter out. We supply a range of gutter guards that are made from rust-proof aluminum alloys. These are directly installed over your existing gutters and prevent leaves and debris from getting into the gutter by blocking them, the water flows into the gutters and away from the house and the leaves and debris flow off the top of the guards.

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Gutter Guards used
by Optimal Gutters

Optimal Gutters wide selection of gutter guards includes the best brands on the market:
Gutter covers offer an easy way to prevent damage to your home’s gutters, fascia board and anything else that sits underneath. Most common benefits of gutter guards are:

Gutter Guards Installation
With Professionals

Gutter guard Installation is not a job you should attempt yourself, firstly being up so high is dangerous and secondly, if you are not a trained professional you could end up doing more harm than good. Hiring professional, qualified gutter contractors not only means that the gutter guard installation is done correctly, but they can also assess the condition of your gutters and will be able to inform you if there are any issues and whether you need any repairs.

How Gutter Guards Work

Gutter guards function to reduce the amount of debris from getting into your guttering and preventing the flow of water. In addition they reduce the risk of water building up within your gutter and freezing, which then physically damages your gutter. They also prevent damage from animals; birds cannot nest in the gutters and rodents are prevented from nesting and getting into your property. Gutter guards significantly reduce the amount of maintenance your gutters need.

Why Do You Need Gutter Guards?

Gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned at least twice-yearly, this ensures that they are clear of debris and your gutters can manage to catch a large volume of rainfall without blockage and overflowing. Houses where the gutters are not cleaned are at higher risk of overflow, rotted fascia, mildew, deterioration of foundation, landscape erosion and other damage. The majority of debris that needs to be cleaned from the gutters are leaves and other plant material.

Gutter guard installation dramatically decreases the maintenance needed for your gutter system. Installing the right gutter guard will eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, as they prevent any leaves from entering the gutters.

As well as providing you with clean, leafless gutters, gutter guards provide additional strength during the winter helping to support the weight of snow, ice, branches and preventing the gutter system from becoming loose. This added support prevents the replacement of your gutter system each year. Which again saves a significant amount of money.